No. You do NOT put “restrictions” on them. You set goals, you put a timeline on those goals, and work towards them!

For example: my goal was to get out of college and make my way to LA to try and find work in the animation industry (my dream job/goal) within a year of graduation. I continuously hustled and ground out ways to make that happen. This is the year mark, and I’m just now finally getting extremely close to making it a reality. I’m not there yet, and I probably won’t be until a few more months from now, but I’m not going to stop just because I didn’t hit that year goal.

I’m trying to be positive and inspiring and tell you to never give up! I’ve worked hard and sacrificed a lot in the pursuit of my dreams, and if I gave up because I didn’t hit some arbitrary deadline I set then what was the point of all that past work? You set short and long term goals/benchmarks to hit, and if you don’t hit them, you adjust.
If you continue to fall short and feel like you’re never going to make it, or if you’re not working towards them, then reassess and determine the following:
1. Do I still want this?
2. Is it feasible for me to attain this goal?

Dreams are great, but there needs to be realistic stepping stones and goal points to hit on the way there.

I hope this helped?

I want to get paid to just train and be a fighter all day.
I’m a hell of a striker and if I could get my weight down and learn the ground game better I think I’d have a good shot.