Smashed it in the gym today

With Back Attack Wednesday! Felt really good to be back in there, and I used today as decent measure of where I am strength wise right now.
My back is still considerably weaker than my chest, which I expected, but I love training back so much more than chest.
Decided to get some curls in too just to see where I am, did 8x60lbs on the
e-z bar set up, which is a personal best for me.
Managed to pull off a few sets of pullups with the weight assist (I still can’t do pull-ups, though I think if my life were actually on the line I MIGHT be able to manage one to like get up over a cliff or wall or something.)

All in all, fuck you to those people at lunch today…

Going to fucking KILL IT in the gym today.

Slightly rage inspired by the fucking douchebags I had to deal with today at lunch.

Leave me some questions in my inbox because I want to start talking to ya’ll more!

Storming like crazy today…

so no outdoor running for this guy today. But I am gonna go to Gold’s for the first time in like 7 months… I guess I’ll do the elliptical since running on treadmills always gives me le shin splints.

Think I’ll do a chest workout today… eventually I’ll work out a workout plan and stick to it, but I need to get back into the motions first.


Back to the gym for the first time in the new year.

No more excuses, just picking up and getting back together.